Stardust Demon is a “classic” retro-style metroidvania/adventure game. It takes inspiration from games such as Cave Story, Zelda, and many more. It features cute chibi characters, but has some dark and spooky undertones. Most of the graphics are pixel art, with some retro 3D FMV cutscenes. The music and overall aesthetics are made with nostalgia in mind, conjuring up a mysterious moody space vibe.


studio name - Resnijars
contact email -

location - Hamilton, Canada
team size - 2 (Resni, j a r s)
promo art - Erin Middendorf

platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux
genre - metroidvania





Algol is a perpetually sleepy demon who lives on the planet Klonix, alongside the other demons. During a routine feeding of the omnipotent statue, The Anuracanth, a unidentified starship crash-lands into it. Chaos ensues and the universe starts to unfurl. Along the way Algol meets Scringles, who has a chipper energetic attitude, and the nefarious poachers, who travel between planets kidnapping creatures and have a plan more sinister than anyone could imagine!


-Mixture of platforming, action, and puzzle gameplay

-Exploring multiple planets

-Weird and wonderful NPC's, rich and vibrant worlds

-Shops and optional quests

-Cutscenes with charming sprite animations

-Puzzles with varied mechanics including teleporting, reversing time for specific platforms, and more.

-Many secrets and upgrades to be found

Some of the player abilities:

- Blast baddies with fire breathe

- Throw bombs that stick to anything

- Teleport boxes to solve puzzles

- Reflect beam bounces against walls & neutralizes static charges

- Dash forward with a powerful thrust

- Bouncing with a pogo stick is fun!


Resnijars is a gamedev duo consisting of married queer creators, Resni and j a r s. They have released a handful of games on Steam and, including Salad Fields and Sparkles & Gems, the latter of which was nominated for the Nuovo Award at IGF 2022. Resni is also the creator of the surreal platformer, Mibibli’s Quest, released in 2016.

They combine different sensibilities and aesthetics - such as furries, retro games, dreamlike and artsy vibes - into unique packages. Stardust Demon is their latest project, which is their most gameplay-focused and traditional game since Mibibli's Quest.

They are concurrently working on another project entitled Spice Sacrifice, which is a JRPG-like with action-platformer battles and a surreal-horror aesthetic. It is planned to be released in the latter part of 2024 (after Stardust Demon is finished). 

Their two previous big projects were Salad Fields (2020) – a block-pushing puzzle adventure game with a strange narative, and Sparkles & Gems (2021) – a breakout-type game with a silly visual-novel like story mode. They also released a Myst-like point-and-click adventure game called Manglepaw in 2022, which was commissioned for the game bundle-zine “Indiepocalypse”.


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