nice spice

Nice Spice is an upcoming
furry horror action-platformer rpg.

It has (optional) lewd gay furry images,

and kink themes.

Travel through a strange underworld and use
to reveal mysterious dungeons!

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We are just a team 2 of fursons with virtually 0 budget for our gamedev work,
if you're interested in our stuff and can
help spread it then thanks so much!!!









Oh no!     There's a lack of dongs & stuff here yet, I'm working on it!!



The gameplay of Nice Spice combines JRPG elements
(lots of story, towns, leveling, items, equipment, quests, etc)
with action-platformer segments made of randomized levels.

There will be lewd content that you can enable or disable.

Queer furries band together to travel through an enigmatic underworld, infused with magic spices
that make them hallucinate being in another realm until they fight their way back to reality.

Includes themes of sexuality, kink, mental health, and queer comradery.

Some characters include:

  • Oregano, the perpetually anxious green canine who must rescue his boyfriend captured by a cultist.
  • Yonko Donko, the donkey who taps into her inner butch badass when she learns to channel her punk idol.
  • Preston, the nudist burnout shopkeeper who scavenges the ground for items.
  • Marble, the otherworldly latex-clad being who is a total sweetie.
  • A furry dragon with a thing for being tied up.
  • Clyde, mysterious mummy, possibly hibernates in an egg made of bandages.
  • Two mysterious canine demons who love prophecies, and have a floating head mascot creature pal.


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